martes, 26 de enero de 2010

Open International Gran Canaria Island 2010

Dear friends of Beach Tennis, I would like to encourage to play in this international event of Beach Tennis that organize ApPROBA, a training Centre that promotes Beach Tennis since 2007
organizing several events each year.

It will take place in Las Canteras beach, in the same place that the first international that taked place last year in March.

There are 5 categories, double men with 3 levels, double women, mix, individual men and women. And other category that it plays with rackets of wood.

There is not accomodation for the players although the prices are around 20-25€ a night, close to the courts.

The last day to do the inscription is 16th of April. There are awards in money, trophy and sports material.

The competition is since 21 to 25 of April. And this is the planning:
Days 21 and 22: Individual men and women.
Days 23: Double mix.
Days 24 and 25: Double men and women.

In a few weeks you will have more information about the prizes in cash, that it could be more or less 400€ to the champions in men, 150 to the runner-up and 300€ to the champions in women and 100€ to the runner-up. This is a mine forecast.

You can do the inscription throuhg the web or well calling 0034 658407871. If you have a dubt , don´t hesitate in asking for more o better information to me.

I would like to meet you again this year in this ocassion in this event that organize ApPROBA with a high quality.

The champions of Spain 2010 have confirmed their participation and we would like to meet again to Mingozzi, Marighella, Calbucci, Mariotti, Scheda, Barbieri, Chirico, Girolimetti, Appioti, Peri, Bartolini, Pisecky, Mergl, De Paolis, Gaia, Stähle, Bailer, Munz, Orto, Cenacchi, Raganazzi, Mompó, Ridao, Casciello, Bacchetta, Spazzoli, Briganti, Stefanelli, Del Duca, Ridolfi, Neri, Durán, Egea, and new players as Amiard and Vincent from France and much more............ I hope to meet you soon , a warm embrace


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